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The City of Independence Power and Light Recognized as a Smart Energy Provider, Paving the Way for Energy Efficiency, Sustainability

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January 10, 2022


As part of National Cut Your Energy Costs Day on January 10, the City of Independence Power and Light Department (IPL) is celebrating its recent designation as a Smart Energy Provider (SEP) from the American Public Power Association (APPA). This recognition demonstrates Independence’s commitment and expertise in energy efficiency and sustainability providing safe, reliable, and low-cost electric services. Matt Hein, Energy Services Manager from Cedar Falls Utilities and the Chair of the Energy Innovation Committee presented the designation during APPA’s annual Customer Connections Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 26, 2021.  

“Utilities that earn the SEP designations are going the extra mile beyond providing electricity for their communities,” said Hein. “This designation celebrates utilities that are committed to serving their customers with leading smart energy programs and energy services. These communities should be proud that their utilities are focused on providing excellent service while planning for the future.” 

The SEP designation, which is maintained for two years (December 1, 2021, to November 30, 2023), recognizes public power utilities dedicated to services centered on reducing environmental impact, energy efficiency, programming centered on smart energy, and enhancing customer experiences. IPL is one of over 90 public power utilities nationwide that have a SEP designation. 

“We are proud to be recognized as a utility at the forefront of smart energy best practices,” Independence Power and Light Department Director James Nail said. “This SEP designation represents our dedication to offering programs that help our customers save money, reduce our collective environmental impact, and support our community’s responsible energy use.” 

Here are a few tips to help Independence residents keep their energy costs down during the winter months:  

  • Consider turning the thermostat down a few degrees. 
  • Utilize the sun to heat rooms during the day by opening those curtains. 
  • Unplug unused electronic devices (or turn the surge protector off). 
  • And seal up those drafty windows. 

Find more tips on the City’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/cityofindependence.

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